Who’s a Learner

The Learner is ”any person or group of people exploring their environment to gain knowledge.”   

What motivates the learner to explore?  CURIOSITY

We are born naturally curious.   We test, we try, we observe and we question things within our environment in order to gain experiences that we’ll use in future learning. This happens for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or background. Each of us, then, IS born a learner. As long as we continue exploring our environment and gaining knowledge, we’re learners.

When does one become a learner?



Every individual, every group, every LEARNER is different.  

The “I” of the Matrix is the WHO or WHAT that’s solving the problem(s).  This might be an individual, a family, a business.  It could be a learning objective or goal .

Clearly defining the “I” in detail is the first step toward finding the answers to your questions.   Defining the “I” clearly helps identify strengths and limitations,  attitudes and values.  This holds true whether working with an individual, a group, or an objective.

The “I” is best developed by a facilitator who can actively listen to and record the responses of the Learner.  When you are developing the “I” it’s critical that you don’t step in with your solutions.

Here are a few examples: