Matrix Reading Theater

Matrix Reading Theater Global Family

MRT is a “Beacon, Cross-Cultural Global Platform that brings groups, teams, countries and nations together to enhance language skills for the purpose of improving global communication while encouraging the spirit of love, unity and collaboration to create a Sustainable, Peaceful and
Harmonious world.

Our vision is to create and facilitate intercultural and multi-age Matrix Reader’s Theater families all over the world and we are here as your guides.

Reader’s Theater is simply something which is written as a script encouraging interaction between members. This approach gives members the opportunity to play various characters, test different
voices, read with voice modulation and proper intonation. This all helps to improve listening, reading, speaking and writing in English and develop ourselves as better communicators.

It’s amazing how many creative things can happen in MRT Families. We enjoy exploring Arts and Culture and use many forms of literary texts; Like poetry, folk and fairy tales, and stories from all over the world. We even read scripts for academic topics such as science, social studies, and
maths. We also have opportunities to share music, dance, paintings, and cuisine with other MRT families in other countries.

Reading scripts always leads to wonderful open ended discussions which allow members to express their perceptions without fear of criticism. It empowers analysis and critical thinking. It sparkles reflections and mindfulness.

MRT Families are hosted by trained facilitators joining because they have a special passion(s), talent(s) or aspect of their culture they want to share back to others.

You too can have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of belonging to,and facilitating your own clubs. Check it out Monday and Fridays at 9:00 am EST when one of us will be hosting a Reader’s Theater.

And if you like it and want to become a facilitator, let us know and we’ll schedule training.