Explore is Asking Questions

EXPLORE  is learning about environment in response to what catches your attention.  You know you are exploring when your mind wonders and asks; Who, What, Where, Which, When, Why and How.  The most powerful learning comes from those things the individual learner has explored and chosen to learn.


A pet parrot may catch and hold your attention and make you response in a way that none of your family members does. As a result, you start exploring by wondering and asking:- what (makes the parrot to single you out), where, how, when and why (does it hold its head in a certain angle).


The most powerful learning outcome comes from those things which an individual learner has explored and chosen to learn from.



Exploration is a stage every person goes through every day of their life and is generally stimulated by one or more of the five senses, that is, touch, sight, taste, smell and hear.

“Explore” leads to “Learn” but “Learn” leads to more Exploration. We don’t decide to “Learn” everything we “Explore” Likewise we don’t chose to “Master” everything we “Learn” because it didn’t hold our interest or was not applicable to our learning experience.



As you move through the Learning Process of the Matrix; for “Explore” to “Learn” to “Master” to “Create” and ultimately to the “Give Back” you are funneling your attention and focus more and more on those areas that fit your world.

WHO are you?

WHAT do you want to do?

Which do you want to do?

WHY do you want do it?

WHERE do you want to go?

WHEN do you want do it?

HOW do you want to do it?

We encourage you to “Explore”.