We can let life live us or we can live life. But first we must define what we want our life to look like, identify the reasons why it doesn’t look that way, determine what we do to fix it, prioritize the solutions, and take action.


Together we must create a different way of thinking that is inclusive of all, not just a few. The “Matrix of a Learner” acknowledges each individual while weaving them together through education developed by the people, for the people.

Our vision

To establish global educational reform by promoting the understanding, adoption and implementation of a Learner-Centered Model across the world.

Our Mission

To promote the Matrix of the Learner Philosophy and to Facilitate its implementation in learning situations and for all Learners, Educators, Parents, Peers, Local Communities, and Global Citizens. We believe that a Learner-Centric Model accelerates individual growth, betters the community, and results in solving real world problems.